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About us

ALPRO is one of the most creative companies in the infection control sector. ALPRO stands out due to its first class and environment-friendly products and its reliability.

ALPRO is also one of the world's leading specialists in the cleaning, maintenance and disinfection of dental suction units with and without amalgam separator (AlproJet-D, AlproJet-W, AlproCleaner).

Aldehyde-free products are a matter of course for us like the long lasting practice-proven ALPRO products PlastiSept eco and PlastiSept eco JumboWipes 50 for rapid disinfection of surfaces, which are very gentle, alcohol- and aldehyde-free as well as the universal applicable product BIB forte eco (drill and instruments bath) for disinfection and cleaning of all instruments.

ALPRO is a global leader in the research and development of products for removing biofilm (BRS® - Biofilm Removing System) from dental unit waterlines and sanitation of treatment water with Alpron and Bilpron.

Products and services

Our product range:

  • Cleaning / disinfection of surfaces

  • Cleaning / disinfection of instruments

  • Cleaning / disinfection of aspiration Systems

  • Decontamination of treatment water

PlastiSept eco Wipes Jumbo 50

PlastiSept eco Wipes Jumbo 50

Alcohol-free wet wipes for the cleaning and disinfection of sensitive surfaces of medical devices such as dental units incl. upholstery and suspension tables, X-ray machines, instruments and acrylic glass.

- bactericidal – e. g. Staphylococcus aureus (incl. MRSA),
Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterococcus hirae
- yeasticidal – e. g. Candida albicans
- virucidal – e. g. Vaccinia (representing enveloped viruses acc. to
EN standards)

ARTG No. 293206



Non protein fixing solution ready for use for the pre-cleaning of medical instruments. Dissolves residues of blood and other body fluids from surfaces of medical devices.

ARTG No. 238325

Alpron & Bilpron

Alpron & Bilpron

Liquid concentrate for the continuous maintenance of the water quality in procedural water lines (including instruments and tumbler filler) of medical and dental units.

ARTG No: 226413

Solution ready for use for the decontamination and prevention of biofilm for-mation in procedural water lines of medical and dental units.

ARTG No: 226413


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Export Manager
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Phone: +61 4991 45331

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